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I create engaging, visually pleasing, story-telling, learning experiences to meet your company's needs.


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Video Learning

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What People Are Saying

Quotation Mark
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Quotation Mark

C-Life is my star training program

"A place to be for young entrepreneurs. My business venture has witness tremendous growth right from the first day i started the C-Life program and on. C-Life is an oasis in the desert!” - Durance Tanekeu

(C-Life Alumnii)

Live Online Facilitation Class

“Sheila you are so patient. You make everyone feel important in your class. I can tell this is a calling for you. Your class training style, helped me to better prepare for my work presentation the next day, and it allowed me to ask the right questions from our clients” - Vera Abanda (Learner in my Crypto class)


Working with Sheila for the last couple of years have been amazing. Her dedication to team development and bringing out the best in me and the team has been exceptional. Her practical servant leadership style and constant support is exemplary. She has high level expertise and experience in developing systems that produce results. Sheila earns my highest recommendation. - Dr. Javnyuy Joybert (Trainer)

Video Learning

Sam Loves


An explainer video I created for C-Life donors. See the detail instructional design process below

Work Details

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Video Learning (Explainer)

"Sam loves C-Life"

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C-Life is a non-profit that trains young professionals in leadership and career development soft skills.

C-Life was having a difficult time communicating with her donors on how their training program works and the practical impact the training was having. They needed a cost effective solution to this problem.


After need analysis, I came up with an animated story- driven explainer video to solve the problem.

This training video will create donor awareness of C-Life’s training program and its life change impact.

At the same time, this kind of video was cost effective to produce.

Tech Used: Canva


Successfully delivered the tested explainer training video on time for their annual fundraiser event.

Project cost was below budget.

This explainer video received a 5-star rating from C-Life donors and now the video is at the top of the C-Life landing page, visited by hundreds of people

My Process

Used SAM rather than ADDIE for this project development

Information Gathering:

  • To understand the needs, I Scheduled a meeting with the Subject Matter Expert (SME), who was the head of fundraising on the C-Life Board and the President.
  • During our meetings, I designed an Action map of C-Life's training program from the SMEs feedback
  • Selected several reviews from learners (Fellow) about how the C-Life program has impacted their life
  • Picked one review from the selection and showcased the true background story of one of C-Life's learners called Sam.

Interactive Design Phase:

  • I picked the design choice of an animated, color pallet explainer video
  • Wrote the Storyboard and Script for the developer and the Voice over artist
  • Sent the storyboard to the developer to create a video prototype

Implementation (Prototype) & Evaluation:

  • Once my first prototype was created (we shall call it Alpha), I tested it with the SME and a focus group made up of 5 key donors
  • They asked me to change the race of the key character ‘Sam” from Caucasian to black because Sam represented C-Life learners who are Africans. I also changed some color palettes to most effectively reflect the C-Life brand
  • Communicated the changes to the developer and we had our second prototype (Beta) which received 100% approval from our test group.
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Implementation & Evaluation:

  • Implemented our Beta explainer training video through an email campaign to our donor list
  • This explainer video received a 5-star rating from our donors and now the video is at the top of the C-Life landing page, visited by hundreds of people

Experience the work


She Loves Crypto

My selected eLearning experience is called She loves Crypto! - an onboarding training experience I created for women joining for the first time a Crypto investment community.

Click the butons or image to be directed to the detailed instructional design process.

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Background Story



I selected a video deep dive of Module 1 of She Loves Crypto! eBook. Module tile: The big picture about Crypto and why it should matter to you.

This is a Live zoom facilitation I made to my Investment group and new prospects.

Tech Used: Camtasia, Zoom


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Learning experience designer and Facilitator.

If you could do anything you want to do, and money was not an issue, what will it be?

For me, my answer has always been in the area of training - creating and facilitating learning experiences for adults to build their confidence, their skill and inspire them to make a difference.

I have done just that, for the last 10 years.

My process & approach to solving problems. As an educator who specialized in media and communication, I craft learning experiences that are engaging, visually appealing and that break down complex concepts into easily consumable chunks for my learners. I love to be known as the queen of the step-by-step guide.

I develop thoughtful, people-centered and creative solutions that learners can effectively apply to real-life. My learning philosophy is Learn-Do-Teach, to drive skill growth in my learners – goal is Kirkpatrick level 3 and 4.

I create and facilitate blended learning solutions as needed. In my live facilitations I use engaging tools like simulations, drama, games, videos, small-group and Life-application exercises.

How I work with people. My organizational leadership and project management experience allows me to effectively communicate and lead my instructional design projects by building authentic relationships with my peers, SMEs and stakeholders to ensure our training solutions serve the needs of the business and that we have fun working together.

Fun. I love to learn and try new experiences. I enjoy serving underprivileged communities, experiencing diverse cultures when I travel. My nerdy side... loves the world of cryptocurrency and is a Biopic junkie.

Now let's get back to work, experience my sample work or contact me.


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